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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills, Friday 2/6/15 to Sunday 2/8/15

Robbery/Commercial:  1, 300-block of Eubank

Robbery/Residential:  0

Robbery/To an Individual:  0

Stolen Vehicles:  2, One on 200-block of Eubank, one on 1000-block of Chelwood Park Blvd NE.

Vehicles Stolen while Warming Up:  0

Commercial Burglary:  0

Residential Burglary:  3, One on 11600-block of Mocho Place NE, one on 100-block of Hotel Circle and one on 3900-block of Tara.

Auto Burglary:  5, Three vehicles at the same address on the 11800-block of Native Dancer, one on 2000-block of Vernon, and one on 1800-block of Count Fleet Street.

Crime Prevention Tips from These Cases:

Stolen Vehicles:  Silver lining in one case; the vehicle was recovered by Bernalillo County Sheriffs an hour and 20 minutes after it was stolen.  Why steal a vehicle?  A joy ride, a criminal needs wheels to commit another crime, take the vehicle over the border to sell, take it to a chop-shop and get money for parts.  With two interstates running through the middle of our city and being a border state, New Mexico and Albuquerque are vulnerable to auto theft.  I have some great information in the substation on preventing auto theft — call me to pick up a brochure.

Warm-Ups/Stolen Vehicles:  None over the weekend; hopefully the word is out about this preventable crime.

Residential Burglaries:  One case had a 7 month delay in reporting and could have occurred over the 7 months prior to discovering the crime.  This was a burglary to a vacant home with very high dollar loss.  If you own a vacant home, check on it or find a trusted person who can regularly check on the home for you.  I can teach you crime prevention methods if you call me for an appointment.  Neighbors — APD and your block need your extra eyes on vacant homes — report anyone trying to enter who appears to be suspicious to 242-COPS or 911 from a place where you are safe.

Auto Burglaries:  One address had 3 vehicles burglarized over the weekend — all vehicles were left unlocked with valuables inside.  Of the 5 auto burglaries over the weekend, 4 vehicles were left unlocked.  Losses included CDs, speakers and a W-2 form.  Lock up vehicles and remove all items of value, including papers with your personal information. 

A word of caution — when loading groceries, returning carts to their ‘corrals’ at grocery stores and other retail centers — do not leave your purses on the front seat of the vehicle, doors ajar or unlocked!  This is a set-up for an opportunistic criminal to victimize you.  You may not even realize you’ve been burglarized until you are long gone and reaching for a purse that isn’t there on the front seat.

Ladies — I will be hosting a Women’s Safety workshop at the Foothills Substation soon — more to follow in future postings about how to sign up and details.  We will go over purses and alternatives in the workshop!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command