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Crime Prevention: Your Garage Door(s)

Besides containing your vehicle, tools, yard equipment, holiday decorations, sports gear and more — what other purpose does your garage serve?

 It’s another way into your home!

 Here are ways to be safer when it comes to garage doors:

  • When you enter the garage, close the door promptly.
  • Remove keys, garage door openers, purses, wallets, personal papers from parked vehicles in your garage (or driveway) and keep those items secured in your home.
  • Tools and sports equipment (golf clubs) are valued by criminals who pawn or resell them for quick cash, usually to support an expensive drug habit. Lock up!
  • Things to consider and research: a deadbolt or locking the door from the garage into the home, remote garage door openers that can be disabled when on vacation, coded entry systems, smart phone alerts if the garage door is opened, safety film over the glass trim at the top, etc. It’s a personal decision how far you want to go, but a first step is awareness.

 Your goal is reduce the comfort level of an offender. To support that goal:

  • Keep landscaping trimmed to eliminate hiding spots and open up sight lines.
  • Is your lighting doing its job? Check for dark spots and burned out bulbs.
  • Could a neighbor see to your home to report a crime to police? Remove clutter and trim bushes and trees.
  • Do you have an active and united Neighborhood Watch group on the block? Neighbors who care about each other (would call police if they saw a crime occurring) and know crime prevention principles (I can help!) add enhance their communities by partnership with police.

 Walk the Block with Jill: This is a ‘crime prevention basics’ session I offer to Neighborhood Watch Block Captains. We go together as a group on your block and I point out crime prevention principles using examples on your block.

HINT: I always count the number of garage doors left open with no one in sight…

This is non-judgmental and intended as a coaching session. If you are a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, call me for an appointment!

 Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist/APD, Foothills Area Command