Thank you to the alert Foothills citizen who called APD yesterday…

Thank you to the alert Foothills community member who called APD yesterday to report seeing a male climbing into a window at a neighbor’s home.  Your vigilance and willingness to call APD from a safe place to report this activity was valuable to our officers and our community.  This is why I stress forming Neighborhood Watch groups!  

I can provide you with training on what to watch for, how to report crime and be a good witness and leave you with some great information to get crime prevention-savvy.  Neighborhood Watch groups help our officers keep you safe and help your communities, one block at a time. 

Get a Starter Kit through APD Crime Prevention Manager Steve Sink (244-6644) and we can help you get started or re-ignite a lapsed Neighborhood Watch group.  Call me if you have any questions – 323-4644.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command

  • A Terri Ken

    congrats, neighbor! yay! i hope the police caught that thief! i am just so tired of people thinking it is their right to take other peoples hard earned belongings….