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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crimes in the Foothills: Friday 1/30 – Sunday 2/1

Robbery/Commercial:  2: One on 200-block of Eubank, one on 13400-block of Lomas.


Robbery to an Individual:  0

Robbery/Residential:            0

Stolen Vehicles:  4: One on 700-block of Trading Post SE; one on 3300-block of Juan Tabo; one on 2600-block of Gretta St NE; one on 12200-block of Academy. 

Stolen Vehicles while Warming Up: 1: One on 11800-block of Palo Duro NE. 

This is a city-wide problem — never leave a vehicle warming up and unattended.  It only takes a moment for someone trolling the neighborhood to pounce on this crime of opportunity.  Cut off the opportunity (leaving a vehicle warming up and no owner in sight) for a criminal in your neighborhood!  The Foothills ‘warm-up’ stolen vehicles are occurring in residential neighborhoods — neighbors — it’s up to you to help out our police officers and yourselves by stopping the habit of leaving keys in a running vehicle and walking away!  Not only is the vehicle stolen, but so are keys, purses, wallets, IDs, garage door openers, cell phones, etc. opening the door to re-victimize the victim with other types of crimes (forgery, fraud, ID theft, residential burglary, stolen mail, etc.).  We are extremely lucky that no children have been in the vehicles at the time of these thefts. 

Commercial Burglary:  1, one the 12700-block of Candelaria. 

Residential Burglary:  2, One on 11700-block of San Jacinto and one on 10700-block of Academy. 

One of these homes was ‘trashed’ by a group of 7-8 juveniles who were out at 4:00 a.m.  An alert neighbor called APD about hearing crashing noises.  Thank you to this citizen who was willing to report suspicious behavior to APD and called from a safe place rather than confronting or pursuing the subjects. 

Auto Burglary: 3, Two on 3300-block of Juan Tabo and one on 4500-block of Juan Tabo. 

Each one of these auto burglaries occurred in parking lots at retail/dining spots.  Purses and a passport were stolen from these vehicles.  As citizens, we have to stop the habit of ‘hiding’ items of value in vehicles when parking.  It’s a New Year!  Change that habit and make 2015 the year we all stop trying to ‘hide’ items of value in vehicles.  Try bringing along only what you need to complete your errand and keeping that tucked into a pocket, or carrying a small ‘fanny pack’ or ‘wristlet.’