Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills, Thursday 1/29/15

Robbery/Commercial:  3; One on 13100-block of Central, one on 12500-block of Central, one on 2300-block of Chelwood Park Boulevard NE.

Robbery/Residential:  0

Robbery to an Individual:  0

Stolen Vehicles/Warming Up:  0

Stolen Vehicles:  1, 10700-block of Academy:  vehicle parked overnight at apartment complex parking lot stolen

Commercial Burglary:  1, 1600-block of Eubank

Residential Burglary: 2, One on 700-block of Sagebrush, one on 11500-block of Bar Harbor.  Offender removed screen from window and entered home through the unlocked window at the back of the home. 

Crime Prevention Tip:  We have to lock up!  All windows and all doors.  Check your fencing and side gates to the back of your home.  Are they creating a barrier and limiting access?  Do locks need repairs, broken wood slats need replaced, is it time for a new gate/fence?  Neighbors — call 242-COPS from a safe place and report to APD if you see strangers trying to get into a neighbor’s back yard. 

Auto Burglary:  2; One on 200-block of Eubank and one on 1100-block of Ibex.

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