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A Few Words About “Warm Up” Vehicle Thefts…

I have taken a look at this month’s ‘warm up’ stolen vehicles so far (Jan 1 – 27) and here is what I am seeing:

All of the cases in the Foothills were reported between 6:44 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

All cases occurred at single family residential homes and apartment parking lots.  This tells me these incidents are not happening at ‘quick stops’ at convenience stores, child day cares, newspaper boxes, etc.  These are happening in driveways and target-rich apartment complex (large and small) parking lots.

All of the cases were reported with mere minutes of up to a one hour time delay from the actual theft — that means victims left their vehicles unattended and running and an offender was ready to pounce and seize the opportunity provided.

In addition to the vehicles that were stolen, consider the property left inside the vehicle that was stolen along with the vehicle:  house keys, locking mailbox keys, computer, cell phone, credit cards.  Most of these items can be used to commit yet another crime and re-victimize the victim (residential burglary, mail theft, ID theft, fraud, forgery, selling items for quick cash).  Thank goodness we did not have any cases of children in car seats or inside the vehicle being taken along with these vehicles!

Please spread the word to your neighbors that we cannot afford to leave vehicles warming up and unattended even for a moment!