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Light it Up! Exterior Lighting and Crime Prevention

Offenders do not like to be seen – exterior lighting is an important part of basic crime prevention. Do a quick check tonight at your home and see if you could improve upon your exterior lighting set up.

Go outside and look at your home from across the street at night.

Is your lighting adequate? Are your light covers dusty and dimmed by caked on dirt? Do you need to replace burned out bulbs?

  • This is an excellent time to check on your house numbers too – would a first responder be able to find your home quickly if you had a medical emergency, fire or 911 call?
  • Can you see an unobstructed view to your home from across the street?
  • Would a neighbor be able to call 242-COPS or 911 if someone was trying to break into your home or your vehicle in the driveway or get into your garage? Could a neighbor see if you had a house fire and be able to call 911?

 Lighting can be enhanced by the paint/stucco color of your walls and by adding path lights and strategically placed landscaping lights too.

Effective lighting not only reduces the odds of being a victim of crime, but also helps prevent trips and falls. Consider ‘lighting up the night’ at your home and encourage your neighbors to join in to benefit the whole block.

Let me know if you have feedback or discovered something you were able to put into practice — stay safe,

 Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command