Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills Friday 1/23 through Sunday 1/25

Robbery/Commercial: 4.  One on 13200-block of Central, one on 13400-block of Central, one on 11000-block of Menaul, one on 12000-block of Academy. 

Robbery to an Individual: 1 at intersection of Central/Figueroa.

Stolen Vehicles: 1 on 10700-block of Academy.

Burglary/Commercial:  2, one on 2000-block of Eubank, one on 12200-block of Montgomery.

Burglary/Residential: 4.  One on 700-block of Stephen Moody, one on 500-block of Sandler, one on 400-block of Panorama, one on 12800-block of Alice.

Crime Prevention Tip:  One of the 4 residential burglaries was an unforced entry made to an apartment with an unlocked door.  If you are in an apartment and have to leave to visit the office, newspaper/mail box, use the gym or run to your vehicle — lock up!  Another one of the 4 residential burglaries was a forced entry by the offender entering through a window at the back of the home.  We need citizens to look out for one another and report anyone trying to scale backyard walls, gates, fences who is not a legitimate visitor — just call 242-COPS from a place where you are safe and provide the best description you can.  One of these 4 residential burglaries was to a vacant home — again, this is where our community comes in — if you know a home on your block is vacant, report anyone attempting to enter the home.  Our officers will be dispatched and can check the scene.  Our officers need your extra eyes on the block.  Add layers of protection to your home by adding additional locks to windows (anti-lift/anti-slide), consider a Crime Prevention home assessment and I can make recommendations specifically tailored to your home.  Start a Neighborhood Watch — call 244-6644 to ask for a Starter Kit and talk to the APD Crime Prevention manager.

Burglary/Auto: 12.  One on 700-block of Eubank,, one on 10900-block of Central, one on 10400-block of Central, one on 10000 block of Menaul, one on 10100-block of Menaul, one on 3100-block of Jane, one on 1200-block of Nakomis, two on 12000-block of Elvin Pl, one on 4200-block of Spanish Bit, one on 11200-block of Baja.

Crime Prevention Tip:  Do not leave any items of value in your unattended vehicle!  What items were stolen from vehicles this weekend? Vehicle title, numerous wallets, IDs, Social Security card, multiple purses, cell phones, a hood/bumper and front grill, stereo, stereo face plate, stereo speakers and a 9MM firearm.  Hopefully the firearm will not be used to harm a citizen or police officer.  The firearm was stolen from an unlocked vehicle.  Secure your vehicles – lock up.  Stop ‘hiding’ wallets, purses, IDs, cell phones and firearms in vehicles.  If you do not have a garage available, park in a well-lit, well-traveled spot and again, do not leave anything of value in an unattended vehicle. 

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Fooothills Area Command




  • janet butts

    Again, thank you so much Jill for all the good advice, tips, guidance! Every bit really helps us!

  • A Terri Ken

    hi, jill…thank you for all your info and advice….any chance of getting a daily map showing where these crimes are? and so what are the burglars doing to get into the backyard windows? are they busting the glass out or simply opening an unlocked window?

    • Hi, great suggestion. Check http://www.crimemapping.com to see a map; this is a public-access site that you can also subscribe to and get email crime alerts tailored to your interests. I think this will help!