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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crimes in the Foothills: Wednesday, 1/21/15

Robberies to a Business/Commercial: 0

Robberies to a Residence:  0

Robberies to an Individual: 0

Stolen Vehicles: 0

Residential Burglary:  2; One on the 3100-block of Pitt and one on the 12100-block of Persimmon

Offenders forced entry into both homes via living room windows at the back of the homes.  Neighbors:  Call 242-COPS and report strangers who are seen trying to scale fencing, walls, break through side gates at homes to access the back of the home.  Any type of suspicious behavior can be reported to APD’s 242-COPS and an officer will be dispatched.  Call from a place where you are safe, provide the best description you can to the operator and be alert to what is happening on your block.  You can reduce your odds of being a victim of crime by creating Neighborhood Watch groups and partnering with police.  Call 244-6644 to get a Neighborhood Watch Starter Kit.  These groups have been effective and calls about suspicious persons have resulted in signficant arrests!

Auto Burglary:  2; One on 12900-block of Central and one on 11400-block of Rosemont.

Offenders forced entry into one vehicle (breaking rear passenger window) and one case was unforced entry, which means the vehicle was unlocked.

Remove all items of value from your vehicle when you park/exit and secure your vehicle (lock it!).