Daily Watch Notes: Property Crimes in the Foothills: Friday, 1/16 to Sunday 1/18

Robberies to Business/Commercial:  0

Robberies to a Residence: 0

Robberies to an Individual:  2; one at local nightclub on east Central; the other at Western Skies SE & Dorado

Stolen Vehicles: 4.  One at a convenience store to vehicle with keys inside at Chelwood/Copper.

One at 1800-block of Morris to vehicle parked in residential driveway.

One at 10600-block of Montgomery at a restaurant parking lot via forced entry (broke window), vehicle later recovered in the North East Area Command.

One at 5300-block of Eubank at apartment complex parking lot, vehicle later recovered in the Valley Area Command.

Burglary to a Business/Commercial:  0

Burglary to a Residence: 7

One at 10900-block of Jicama:  entry/exit both made through front door.

One at 12100-block of Emperor: entry through window at the back of the home that was removed by offender.

One at 12400-block of Monarch: entry made by breaking out front window.

One at 100-block of Monte Largo: resident named suspects/known to victim.

 One at 10400-block of Menaul: entry made by breaking out rear kitchen window and reaching inside to unlock door.

One at 2400-block of June: entry made by breaking rear window at bathroom; window to back yard shed also broken by offender and front door’s knob broken.

One at 12200-block of Academy: no other info avail at this time.

Auto Burglaries: 10

Two at 300-block of Eubank at retail/dining parking lots; one vehicle entered through plastic covering a missing window

One at 400-block of Eubank at retail parking lot

One at 500-block of Eubank at retail parking lot; offender punched vehicle lock to make entry

One at 2400-block of Georgene: broke window to gain entry

One at 11000-block of Haines at church parking lot: broke window to gain entry

One at 11800-block of Montgomery at apartment complex parking lot

Two at 4200-block of Eubank at apartment complex parking lot

One at 11600-block of Academy at apartment complex parking lot, unlocked vehicle

What was taken from vehicles from Friday to Sunday? Books, book bag, 3 or more wallets, credit cards, drivers licenses, iPad, other brand tablet, clothing, GPS, stereo, iPhone, head phones, various tools and work material/equipment, $2500+ valued tools.  Lock Your Vehicles.  Think About Alarm Systems.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEM OF VALUE IN AN UNATTENDED VEHICLE.  Park where you and others can see your vehicle and report a break-in to police or parking lot security. 

  • janet butts

    Thank you Jill for all the helpful details/trends! This really helps us when talking with neighbors about how to be more responsible residents in preventing targets and opportunities!

  • Vern/Mary LaChance

    Thank you for these reports! It is scary but makes me aware of my surroundings and strangers in the area. Good luck apprehending and prosecuting these individuals.

    • Thank you for the support. I don’t want anyone to be scared, but to use the information to empower you to partner with us, your neighbors and your Neighborhood Association if you have one (or get inspired to start one!). Use my information to plant a seed, motivate you and neighbors to take a look at your landscaping, lighting, fencing, doors, windows, locks, etc. I also do home assessments by appointment and leave the owner with a checklist of recommendations from a crime prevention perspective. Contact me at the station (332-5240) if you want an appointment; these take about 45 minutes. Stay safe!