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Property Crimes in the Foothills: Wednesday, 1/14/15 Activity

Robbery (Commercial):  2 at the 300-block of Eubank and at the 11200-block of Candelaria

Robbery (to an Individual): 1 at 400-block of Western Skies SE at apartment complex to delivery person point

Robbery (Residential): 1 at 12800-block of Copper NE at apartment complex

Stolen Vehicles: 2; one at 9800-block of Woodland, one at 1500-block of Tramway at apartment complex

Burglary (Commercial): 1 at 5800-block of Eubank to apartment complex work-out room

Burglary (Residential): 1 at 5300-block of Edwards:  entry made through unsecured doggie door

Burglary (Auto): 1 at 500-block of Eubank in commercial/retail area; punched lock to enter vehicle

To those with doggie doors:  find ways to secure the door if you don’t use it anymore.  Neighbors — please keep an eye out for strangers attempting entry into back yards, hopping fences/gates, etc and report to APD via 242-COPS from a place where you are safe.  Doggie doors are at the back of homes, so be watchful for people trying to access homes this way.

The auto burglary yesterday is unfortunate; the location was a busy and well-traveled area, but a pro can punch a lock in seconds.  Consider alarms and never leave items of value in an unattended vehicle, including papers with personal information and garage door openers.  If you don’t feel safe, ask the merchant for an escort to your vehicle.  Be watchful for people who seem to be loitering with no legitimate business in a parking lot.  Report pan-handlers and loiterers to the business’ management so they can help keep customers safe.