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Property Crimes in the Foothills: January 5 to January 11, 2015

Robberies (Commercial):  4 at 10300-blk of Candelaria, 13600-blk of Copper, 12500-blk of Menaul, 2500-blk of Juan Tabo.

Robberies: (Residential):  0

Robberies: (Individuals): 2; One at 11400-block of Key West and one at 400-block of Western Skies SE. 

The Key West robbery to an individual was during a garage sale and 3 subjects maced the victim in the driveway of the residence. All 3 offenders were females and arrived in a vehicle with broken windows, pink tape on the vehicle and no license plate. I have Yard Sale Safety Tips — if anyone wants a copy, contact me at 323-4644.

The Western Skies SE armed robbery was to a pizza delivery man who was frisked by a male with a gun with 2 other males who stole the pizza delivery man’s knife and cash.  The offenders left by foot and disappeared in the apartment complex where the robbery took place.

Stolen Vehicles:  11 occurred at: 11300-block Lomas, 4500-block Morris, 200-block of Western Skies, 300 block of Dorado SE, 9900-block of Spain, 3000-block Eubank, 3300-block Aztec, 14000-block Villa Sandia, Cortaderia, 200-block Tramway, 1100-block Chelwood Park Blvd NE.  Vehicles were stolen over the last week from retail/shopping centers, apartment complex parking lots and residential areas.  In one case, the keys were in the vehicle at the time of the theft.  In another case, thousands of dollars worth of equipment was in the vehicle. Protect  your RVs, boats and trailers in addition to vehicles too!

Commercial Burglaries:  0

Residential Burglaries:  9 at 700-block La Charles, 10000-block Menaul, 12000-block San Victorio, 400-block Sawtooth, 10900-block Clyburn Park, 1100-block Morris, 500-block Eugene, 2300-block Punta de Vista, 12900-block Morrow.

A doggie door was a point of unforced entry in one case.  Other ways offenders entered homes were through porch doors, by cutting a screen and entering through a window, kicking in front doors and unscrewing exterior lighting to avoid being seen while removing a door. 

Please be alert and report any suspicious behavior to 242-COPS from a safe place.  Most residential burglaries occur in the middle of the day in the middle of the week — retirees, stay-at-home parents, students coming and going and joggers, dog walkers and cyclists are valuable ‘eyes on the block’ for communities.  Start getting to know your neighbors.  Call APD Crime Prevention to form a Neighborhood Watch group!  Neighbors who know each other care about each other. 

Auto Burglaries:  15 at 12900-blk of Central, 11300-block of Central, 11300-block of Lomas, 4500-block of Morris, 12200-block of Montgomery, 400-block Western Skies SE, 3600-block of Tewa Court, 13000-block of Academy Rd NE, 300-block of Dorado SE (2 incidents), 12900-block of Central, 10600-block of Central, 12700-block of Granite, 14000-block of Nambe, and 1100-block of Betts.

These all occurred at nightclubs, retail/shopping areas, storage facilities, apartment complex parking lots, mobile home parks, restaurant parking, and residential neighborhoods.  Some were forced entries with high dollar costs to repair vehicles and others were burglaries to vehicles left unlocked by victims.  Park where you can see you vehicle, park in well-lit and well-traveled areas.  Remove all items of value and anything visible from your vehicle when you exit the vehicle.  Get an alarm.  Park in a garage if you have one.

What was taken from the vehicles listed above? iPod, checks/checkbook, vehicle registration, IDs, a purse and contents, a garage door opener.  Most of the stolen items can be used to commit other crimes.  Take a few simple steps to protect yourself and remove ALL items of value including vehicle registrations, IDs, insurance papers, garage door openers when you park.