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Chip-Enhanced Credit Cards: Some Helpful Things To Know

With the new year (2015), consumers will be seeing new chip-embedded credit cards issued.  These types of cards add an extra level of security for consumers by creating a unique code for each transaction.  Why is this good news?   This is another level of protection against fraud and counterfeited cards.  If you are issued one of the new chip-embedded cards,  it will be inserted at point of purchase into a slot instead of swiped and it will stay in the processor/reader until the transaction is completed.  The cards will look the same as a regular credit card except a chip will be embedded on the front of the card.  The back of the card will still have the magnetic strip and that strip can be used by merchants who don’t have newer terminals that accept chipped cards yet.  The big banks are sending their customers the cards this year and smaller banks and credit unions will probably have roll-outs to customers providing them with the newer cards as 2015 moves along.  If this has appeal for you, you can always contact your bank or credit union and ask them for a chip-enhanced card and have them answer any other questions.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist

APD, Foothills Area Command