Property Crime in the Foothills: Mon. 11/10 to Wed. 11/12/14

Robberies:  1 to a business on 13600-block of Copper, 0 to residences (home invasions) and 0 to individuals

Stolen Vehicles: 4 total, 1 on 4200-block of Eubank, 1 on 10400-block of Aspen, 1 on 12000-block of Skyline Rd NE and 1 on 12600-block of Lomas. 

Commercial Burglaries: 0

Residential Burglaries: 10 total; 1 on 11000-block of Skyline, 1 on 600-block of Flint Ridge, 1 on 12900-block of Central, 1 on 200-block of Figueroa, 1 on 11600-block of Freeway Place NE, 1 on 14000-block of Nambe, 1 on 1100-block of Elizabeth, 1 on 12200-block of Victoria Falls, 1 on 12000-block of Holiday, 1 on 5800-block of Eubank.

Auto Burglaries: 7 total; 1 on 600-block of Maxine, 1 on 1100-block of Propps, 1 on 10200-block of Arvada, 1 at post office parking lot at Eubank/Candelaria, 1 at trail head near High Desert/Spain, 1 on 200-block of Eubank, 1 on 12600-block of Copperwood.

How can you be safer and reduce your odds of being a burglary victim?

Homes:  Lock up homes!  I am continuing to see residential burglary points of entries by criminals made through unlocked windows/sliding glass doors/doors at the backs of homes and one this week via an unlocked garage.  I am now seeing larger items being stolen in these residential burglaries, such as TVs.  APD and your neighbors need your extra eyes on the block.  If you see someone trying to scale a side gate or wall to get to the back of a home or entering a garage, call 242-COPS (2677) and report the suspicious activity.  Start thinking about forming or revitalizing ‘fizzled’ Neighborhood Watch groups as a block project; call Steve Sink at 244-6644 to get a Starter Kit.  Lighting, fencing, landscaping all come into play too — check your home from across the street and try to see what a criminal would see — now is a good time to spruce up, check light bulbs, repair that broken gate, etc.  Crime Prevention can help with a home assessment and recommendations.

Vehicles:  I am seeing multiple vehicles being broken into forcibly (they locked the vehicle, but windows were smashed or door locks punched) at trail head parking spots east of Tramway from Lomas to High Desert/Spain.  As citizens, we cannot afford to leave purses, IDs, wallets, etc in vehicles.  Carry only what you need for your hike/run/bike ride and keep it on your person when you leave to enjoy the beautiful open space in the Foothills.  I have not seen this activity at any open space access areas south of I-40 in the Foothills (for example, Four Hills, Volterra development, etc.).  I expect to see these target-rich environments for auto break-ins to move from the trail heads to shopping areas, churches, movie theatres, etc when the weather gets too cold for open space users and the community migrates into holiday-mode activities.

A word about tools in the beds of trucks:  Secure them!  Tools left in truck beds are being stolen in big-box retail parking lots.

The ‘quick dash’:  A purse was stolen from a vehicle parked at the post office while the victim was inside for 5 minutes.  The door lock was punched to access the purse.  Again, only bring what you need for your specific errand and do not leave valuables in your vehicle for any amount of time, even 5 minutes.  I get heartsick when I see these incidents and I know the hassle for victims to replace IDs, report stolen credit cards and the worry that comes with wondering if your items are being used to commit ID theft and fraud after a wallet or purse is stolen.  Take extra precautions and give yourself a little peace of mind by carrying IDs, credit cards, a set of keys in your pockets instead of trying to ‘hide’ a purse.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist

APD, Foothills Area Command

  • Dick Carpenter

    Jill. I sent an E-mail notifying you of Matheson Park Nextdoor Launch. Have quite a few interested in the Neighborhood Watch Program. Will pursue!
    Suggest you stock up on the pamphlets.
    Thanks for all you folks do!

    • Great to hear, Dick! I will be out until January 5 with an off-site training, some vacation and then a surgery with several weeks of recovery. The new year will be ideal to start the Neighborhood Watch ball rolling — contact Steve Sink at 244-6644 for Starter Kits and he can explain more and answer any questions. As you can probably tell, I love Neighborhood Watch groups. They are our extra eyes on the block and have contributed to strong community/police ties. Stay safe,