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APD Foothills Crime Prevention Innovations in National Crime Prevention Publication


I was invited to submit a small piece for the National Crime Prevention Association’s Crime Prevention Practitioner Fall 2014 Newsletter about some new and innovative things I have been doing with crime prevention practices in the Foothills Area Command.  The piece was part of the “News From the Field” column and the publication is for members of the National Crime Prevention Association.  I am trying to involve the community more and more in crime prevention, maximize our man-power, use untapped talent and encouraging community members to become more engaged with the APD Foothills team.  Here is a little bit of what I submitted that was published:

I highlighted the “Walk the Block with Jill” program, where I invited Neighborhood Watch Block Captains to ‘walk the block’ with me and I teach basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts to citizens using aspects of their block to illustrate concepts.  Ways to ‘harden targets’ are pointed out and concepts can be adopted by the block watch members with minimal cost and effort.

This year I coordinated a Spanish-speakers’ meeting at one of my Crime Free Multi-Housing member mobile home parks to teach crime prevention principles to the Spanish-only speaking segment of the property and hope to offer more Spanish-speakers’ meetings in 2015 to better serve our community in the Foothills.

Of course, I had to include our APD Foothills Area Command web site.  We were the first area command in APD with a web site and more will follow throughout the city at each area command.  We want to drive citizens to the web site to obtain Daily Watch Notes, Crime Prevention Notices, Foothills and APD-sponsored event calendar items, Crime Free Multi-Housing information and encourage the community to engage in forums with comments and ideas freely exchanged to encourage partnership and crime prevention.

I also mentioned our Second Contact Program, which utilizes retired officers to contact burglary victims and follow up on cases and help write supplemental reports for victims who may have noticed additional property missing or remember details about suspicious persons in the area after the initial burglary report was filed.  The Second Contact team can also help dig up any leads that could be useful to the case and serve as a ‘second contact’ from APD Foothills after the ‘first contact’, which was the officer responding to the initial burglary call.  These retired officers have a wealth of knowledge, are seasoned in working with burglary victims and can relieve over-burdened detectives with tasks for a few hours a week at the Foothills substation.  Second Contact taps a pool of highly talented and trained individuals who still want to serve their communities in their retirement years.

Stay safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command