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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills, Monday 11/3/14

Robberies:  2, both to businesses.  1 on the 2400-block of Juan Tabo, 1 on the 12000-block of Menaul. 0 to homes or individuals.

Stolen Vehicles:  1 on 11300-block of Central.

Burglaries:  2, both to residences.  1 on the 10700-block of Pennyback Park Drive, 1 on the 1700-block of Muriel.  0 to commercial properties or autos.

Tip of the Day:  Ladies, leave the purse at home!  We had a recent purse-snatching (robbery to an individual) over the past weekend that took place in a crowded grocery store parking lot at sundown.  Try to only bring what you need for the specific errand you are completing.  Purses are targets and with daylight savings and darkness coming earlier and busy shopping areas, a purse can make you a vulnerable target to a criminal.  Be safe, try going without the purse and carry your essentials in a pocket or a small zip-up carrier tucked in your pocket.