Crime Prevention: Some Tips To Help You!

Now that my computer access is back up, I have some information to share with you gathered from recent cases in the Foothills.  Take what works for you and put it to use!

Open/Unlocked Windows at Homes:  still seeing entries made into homes through these spots.  Lock up, and especially at the back of the home.

Vacant Homes:  our officers need your extra eyes on the vacant home(s) on your block.  A major appliance was stolen from one last week.  If you know your neighbors and what is ‘normal’ behavior for your block you will be able to spot what’s not normal, or suspicious or criminal behavior, and be inclined to report it to 242-COPS (2677) to get an officer dispatched.  Vacant homes are targets and our officers need your help to report out-of-the-norm activity at those properties.

Mobile Homes:  doors are being forced open to commit burglaries.  Reinforce those doors!  Check the frame, the strike plate, the deadbolt, the screws into the frame.

Sheds:  Lock up your sheds!  These are great hiding places for criminals.  Keep yourselves and your families safer by locking up your storage sheds.

Auto Burglaries:  Property stolen over the last week?  Work equipment, laptops, iPod, iPad, 3 purses, scores of IDs/credit cards, sets of keys, sunglasses, a cell phone, backpacks, 5 wallets and 2 firearms.  You can greatly reduce your odds of being a victim by simply removing your items of value (including garage door openers, keys, personal papers) from your vehicle when you park and exit the vehicle.

Stay safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command


  • Janet Butts

    Thanks Jill! Great/helpful info!