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Tips to Avoid Auto Theft, Auto Burglary and Residential Burglary

Stolen Vehicles:  As the weather turns cold, please remember to never leave a vehicle running and unattended to ‘warm up.’  Criminals watch for exhaust in the pre-dawn hours during the cold weather months for unattended vehicles warming up and see those vehicles as prime auto theft targets.  Parking lots over the holiday season will also be ‘target-rich’ environments for vehicle thefts.  Lock up and do not leave vehicles running or with the keys in the ignition to dash into convenience stores, drop kids off a day care or run to the mailbox or newspaper box.  Consider a ‘kill switch’ for your vehicle to make it inoperable for a thief.

Residential Burglaries:  Recent cases in the Foothills had entries made into homes via an open garage door, via kicking in the front door and via an unlocked window.  Lock up doors, windows and garages to ‘harden your target.’

Auto Burglaries:  Parking lots are ‘target-rich environments’ for auto burglaries.  Remove all items of value when you exit your vehicle and do not leave personal information inside an unattended vehicle.  Lock up, park in well-traveled and well-lit spots and try to park in areas where you vehicle can be seen by others.  Consider removable stereos and GPS units.