Coffee with a Cop

APD in conjunction with Weck’s is hosting the first Coffee with a Cop event in Albuquerque.  Please see the link below for more information and the history of this program:


All citizens of Albuquerque are invited to come to Weck’s on Wednesday, November 12th at 8:30 a.m. and join members of the APD for a cup of coffee.  This will provide an opportunity for the citizens we serve on a daily basis to talk with us about any question they may have about APD or police work in general.  As police officers, we know that a good working relationship with our community and open lines of communication are essential to protecting our citizens.  In turn, most citizens understand and appreciate how difficult our job can be at times and the amount of stress we encounter.  Unfortunately, sometimes lines of communication can be lost or fractured and that is what this initiative is all about.  Reopening the lines of communication between law enforcement and the citizens we serve, one cup of coffee at a time.


Please consider joining us at one of two Weck’s locations; Riverside Plaza (Coors/Montano) and Osuna/Jefferson.  We would love to share a cup of coffee and discuss any and all things APD.

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    Link is broken/dead

    • Thank you for the ‘heads up’ on this. I reported this to our PIO and was told the link is for history or background on the Coffee with a Cop program not specifically about Albuquerque or the APD events. I hope this is helpful to you.