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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program: The Next Step…The Benefits…

Thank you to all who attended the October 9th Crime Free Multi-Housing Phase I Workshop here at the APD Foothills Substation.  We had a full room (once again) and were able to provide rental managers and owners with a day-long workshop of valuable tools to put into use immediately.

For those who would like to continue on the course to becoming a certified Crime Free Multi-Housing partner property, the next step is to book your Phase II Site Inspection with the Area Command Crime Prevention Specialist.  The packets you received at the workshop have printed guidelines on the requirements to move forward through the process for your property’s.  Use the tools in the workshop packets as a road map to guide you and contact your Crime Prevention Specialist if you have questions.  If you complete the Phase II Site Inspection with your Crime Prevention Specialist, the next step will be booking a Tenant Watch meeting.  The Tenant Watch meeting is key to training your residents on how to be good crime prevention partners with you and APD Crime Prevention. 

Once all three Phases have been completed with your Crime Prevention Specialist, agreements will be signed and Crime Free Multi-Housing signage will be ordered.  You will be entitled to an annual Tenant Watch meeting for residents with the Crime Prevention Specialist and local officers who patrol your property’s neighborhood, you can request calls for service to the property through your Crime Prevention Specialist and review the activity on your property and take corrective action with residents creating nuisances or criminal activity.  You will also be able to use the Crime Free Multi-Housing logo in your advertisements.  The added value to your property by being an active certified property will benefit you, your residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD Foothills Area Command 332-5240