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Garage Doors / Recent Attacks to Females in Our Area: Tips to Keep You Safer

As another reminder, please keep garages closed and locked.  This area has had 3 recent incidents of lone females targeted in their garages.  Some pointers/tips are listed for you below:

  • Have a door into your home from your garage?  Consider adding a deadbolt and use a key to enter your home.
  • Do bushes or trees obscure sight lines to your front door, side walls/gate, garage doors and side garage doors?  Trim them!  Your guide can be “can my neighbors see if someone was trying to break into my home?”  If not, get the clippers out!
  • Be watchful if someone in the area seems to be casing/hanging out at a home on the block.  Start noticing things and being alert to your surroundings. 
  • If you thnk you are being followed, keep on driving to a safe place with lots of people around and return to your destination with a buddy or at a later time when you feel safer.
  • Stop carrying a purse.  Bring only what you need to complete your errand and carry those items on your person (in a pocket for example); most of us only really need to bring a driver’s license, medical card (in case of an accident), and a debit/credit card.
  • Report suspicious persons or vehicles who appear to be casing homes to 242-COPS (2677), then to your Neighborhood Watch Block Captain so they can contact me, your area Crime Prevention Specialist.
  • Keep in close contact with neighbors, look out for one another. 
  • Alert neighbors were a HUGE part of one of the three recent cases in this area!  Alert neighbors who know each other and the daily patterns on their block have been a big help to our officers.  Neighbors who know each other will care about each other.
  • How to Report a Crime and Be a Good Witness guides are free in the Foothills Substation lobby (along with Halloween Safety guides).  Come by and pick up a guide to learn what our 242-COPS/911 operators need to know if you have to call them.
  • Help APD help you — form a Neighborhood Watch group.  Call Steve Sink, APD Crime Prevention Manager, at 244-6644 to ask for a Starter Kit.  Step up and offer to re-start a fizzled group if that’s the case on your block.  We need your help and our officers can’t go this alone — you see more than you realize and are a vital part of crime prevention efforts.

“Be a neighbor to a human being and not to a fence” — Kenyan Proverb

 Stay safe, get involved and reach out to your neighbors —

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist

APD, Foothills Area Command

12800 Lomas Blvd NE