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Scam Alert! Phony Albuquerque Journal newspaper subscriptions.

Our alert citizens in the community have spread the word about a scam involving subscriptions to the Albuquerque Journal. 

The scam has been around, but seems to be increasing in frequency. 

Please alert your Neighborhood Watch block members, Neighborhood Association/HOA memberships and don’t fall for these types of scams. 

Notices are being distributed to the community about renewing subscriptions for 364 issues of the Albuquerque Journal.  The amount is twice what the normal charge would be ($1/day versus the legitimate 50 cents an issue or $19.95/month plus the e-version), subscribers are instructed to send payments to “RPS” (the legitimate payee is The Albuquerque Publishing Co), the address to mail your payment is in Oregon (sometimes a clue to a scam, but some collections are actually made out of state — this is when you do your homework and research), the customer service number is an out-of-state area code (again, checking with the legitimate provider and doing your homework will help you), and the invoice being distributed does not list the customer account number, which would be on a normal subscription renewal.

To verify any type of subscription offer for the Albuquerque Journal, call 823-4400 to speak to a representative.

Stay alert to these types of ‘deals’ and do your research to avoid falling for scams.