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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crimes in the Foothills Friday 10/3 to Sunday 10/5

Robberies:  1, 13100-block of Central:  lone male with a gun.  No residential or individual robberies.

Stolen Vehicles: 2,  one on the 3600-block of Holiday and the other on the 10600-block of Prestwick

Commercial Burglaries:  0

Residential Burglaries:  0

Auto Burglaries:  5

One on the 1300-block of Stagecoach, but actually occurred either on west side at sports stadium or at Manzano High School

One on 12900-block of Central at a storage facility to an RV stored on site

One on 900-block of Tramway

One on 500-block of Tramway

One at Piedra Lisa Arroyo Park parking lot

What items were stolen?  designer purse, designer sunglasses, credit cards, drivers license, medical cards, unknown amount of cash, wedding band, $600 cash, multiple prescription medications, backpack, wallet and contents, vehicle battery and parts.

Of the 5 auto burglaries reported from Friday through Sunday, 2 of the 5 were forced entries (breaking windows, punching door/trunk locks).  We must lock up vehicles and remove all items of value from vehicles to prevent becoming victims.