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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Thursday, 10/02/14

Robberies:  0 (to commercial, residential, individuals)

Stolen Vehicles:  3

One on at an apartment complex parking lot on the 700-block of Stephen Moody (motorcycle stolen)

One at a smaller-sized apartment complex parking lot on the 900-block of Nakomis (utility trailer stolen)

One at an apartment complex parking lot on the 6300-block of Eubank (Cadillac)

Apartment complex parking lots are target-rich environments for auto burglaries and stolen vehicles.  Managers at rental properties  can learn ways to protect resident property and reduce crime by attending a free, one-day workshop hosted at the Foothills Area Command substation and work through the phases to become Crime Free Multi-Housing partner properties with the Albuquerque Police Department Crime Prevention Specialists city-wide.  Call your local substation and ask the Crime Prevention Specialist how to be a CFMH partner.

Commercial Burglaries:  0

Residential Burglaries:  4

One on the 13900-block of Troy Court, one on the 700-block of Shirley, two on the 2700-block of Mary Ellen.

Two offenders were taken into custody by APD officers at the Mary Ellen burglary sites.  Methods of entry for burglars at the other two sites were through a doggie door at the back of one home and through a window at the back of the other home.  Jewelry and electronics were stolen and a container of change (coin).  Protect your homes and harden your target; secure all entries to homes, add anti-lift/anti-slide mechanisms to windows and sliding glass doors.  Call your local substation and ask the Crime Prevention Specialist to conduct a security assessment of your residence; these are free and take about an hour.  The Crime Prevention Specialist will leave a checklist of recommendations for the home owner with suggestions.

Auto Burglaries:  2

One on the 5500-block of Eubank at a faith-based academy and the other in the parking lot at the Elena Gallegos Open Space Picnic area.  Items stolen included IDs, a Social Security card (these will probably be used to commit identity theft) and a license plate (this will most likely be used to put on a vehicle to commit another crime and delay being caught).  Lock up vehicles, only bring what you need to complete your errand, keep IDs/wallets/personal papers on your person when you exit your vehicle.  Park in well-lit areas with lots of foot traffic (potential witnesses create greater risks for criminals and serve as extra eyes on property).