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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Monday, 9/22/14

Robberies:  0 (commercial, residential, individuals)

Stolen Vehicles:  0

Commercial Burglaries:  0

Residential Burglaries:  0

Auto Burglaries:  5

200-block of Eubank in parking lot

12100-block of Princess Jeanne (2 vehicles):  unforced entries

2500-block of Chelwood Park Blvd NE in parking lot, unforced entry, left vehicle trunk open

4600-block of Eubank in parking lot

Of the 5 auto burglaries in the Foothills Area Command yesterday, 3 of 5 vehicles were left unsecured. 

What was stolen by criminals?  Sample pills/medications necessary for victim’s job, iPod, jacket, bridesmaid dress, $4000 worth of dental hygiene tools necessary for victim’s job. 

Lock up, secure your vehicles and remove all items of value including any items with your personal information.  The numbers yesterday for the Foothills Area Command were phenominal; yet, if only more vehicles had been properly secured with items of value removed from the vehicles, it is quite possible we could have had a stellar day with 0 property crimes committed!

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Stay safe!