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Daily Watch Notes: Thursday, 9/18 through Sunday, 9/21

Robberies: 2 (both commercial); 0 to individuals, 0 to residences (home invasion)

One occurred on 120-block of Juan Tabo, the other on the 1400-block of Hannett.

Stolen Vehicles:  1 at the 3100-block of Jane at an apartment complex; vehicle found the following day on 2700-block of Solano in the North East Area Command missing the radio/stereo.

Commercial Burglaries: 3

One on the 1400-block of Eubank:  coin machine broken into by lone male on a bicycle

One on the 11300-block of Lexington:  forced entry into a storage unit on property, tools stolen from the unit, removed the door from the hinges in order to burglarize

One on the 1900-block of Juan Tabo: forced entry into a utility trailer to steal tools inside the trailer

Residential Burglaries: 4

One on the 200-block of Monte Largo:  made entry through a doggie door, high dollar jewelry and cash stolen

One on the 11200-block of Snow Heights Blvd NE:  pried open a rear sliding glass window at the home, stolen items and left a TV behind in the victim’s garage

One on the 12700-block of Constitution: kicked open the front door to unit and stolen plasma TV, DVD player, antenna

Auto Burglaries:  2

One on the 4400-block of Morris at apartment complex parking lot

One on the 5200-block of Eubank at parking lot near commercial/eating establishments:  broke vehicle window to steal purse and firearm inside the vehicle

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To form a Neighborhood Watch group or re-start one that has fizzled, contact Steve Sink at 244-6644 to request a starter kit!

“Behave like the chameleon; look forward and observe behind.” — African Proverb

Be aware of your surroundings, as neighbors look out for one another and you will reduce your odds of being a victim of crime.  Jill Garcia, APD Foothills Crime Prevention Specialist