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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Wed., 09/17/14

Robberies:  1 to an individual; 0 to commercial or residences

Occurred in the evening on the 10900-block of Malaguena:.

A male smoking a cigarette entered garage when female resident got home and threw her to the ground, her head hit the cement garage floor and the suspect stole her purse.  There were possibly 2 males involved and they fled in a vehicle, possibly an SUV.  The male who attacked the female victim was smoking a cigarette.  

Tips to Be Safer:  Make sure you have good exterior lighting over the garage and outside of your home.  Secure garages.  Do not leave the garage open any longer than is necessary to pull your vehicle inside.  This is an unusual occurrence, we do not see these types of crimes frequently in the Foothills Area Command; however, if you see subjects outside your home or garage while you are returning home you can continue on and return with a friend or someone to accompany you or you can call 242-COPS (2677) to report a suspicious person and ask for an officer to be dispatched.  Items from the purse will probably be used to commit identity theft and fraud/forgery (driver’s license, checkbook) — make it a habit to not carry a purse and only bring what is necessary for your errand and try to keep those items on your person in a pocket or slim holder that can fit in your pocket.  I have requested extra patrols through the area where this crime happened from our swing and graveyard shift officers.


Stolen Vehicles:     0

 Commercial Burglaries:  0

 Residential Burglary:  2

400-block of Jane St NE: Entry made through unlocked back door; e-cigarette stolen.

1600-block of Blair Dr NE: garage door and doggie door both broken.  

Auto Burglary1

One in the parking lot at 400-block of Eubank: Multiple cell phones stolen from vehicle; unforced entry made to vehicle (this means the vehicle was not locked or windows were rolled down).


Notes to Help You Stay Safer:

  • The garage attack is unusual; see my notes above with some tips to be safer.
  • It is so important to keep garage doors closed and locked.  Add a deadbolt to the door from the garage into the house as an extra line of defense.  Remember to see your garage as another way into your home.  
  • Residential burglaries continue to show garages, doggie doors and unlocked doors at the back of homes are points of entry. It is interesting to see how the usual kicking in the front door method of entry has changed in recent months.  Residents — use this information to ‘harden your target’ and make your home harder for a criminal to target for a burglary.