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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crimes in the Foothills on Tuesday, 9/16/14

Robberies:  0  (to persons, residences, commercial properties)

 Stolen Vehicles: 3

One on the 12800-block of Skyline

One on the 13400-block of Lomas

One on the 500-block of Tramway

All stolen vehicles were taken from apartment complexes, vehicles stolen were ’99 Honda Civic, ’06 Cadillac, ’11 motorcycle

 Commercial Burglaries: 1, on the 11800-block of Lomas

 Residential Burglaries: 1, on the 9900-block of Spain at an apartment complex.  Entry made through a sliding glass door, gun stolen.

 Auto Burglaries: 2

One in the parking lot on the 200-block of Eubank

One on the 12700-block of Central


Our local storage facilities were hit by burglars yesterday, both in their parking area and on the storage lot.

If you are storing vehicles, RVs, etc at a storage lot, check to make sure they are secured. Vehicles and RVs stored at these facilities, and by the side of your driveway too, are targets for vehicle parts thefts and the items left inside, like small TVs, etc.

 All of our property crime yesterday occurred at either commercial locations or apartment complexes – we didn’t have any property crimes reported occurring at single-family dwellings.

A quote you may enjoy:  “Behave like the chameleon; look forward and obvserve behind.” — African Proverb

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