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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crimes in the Foothills, Sunday 9/14/14

Property Crimes in the Foothills Area Command, Sunday, 9/14/14:

Robberies: 0

Stolen Vehicles: 1, on the 600-block of Paisano
Commercial Burglaries: 0

Residential Burglaries: 1, on the 13800-block of Jason Place NE

Auto Burglaries: 2

1 on the 10220-block of Betts

1 on the 2nd on the 10050-block of Del Chaparral Court NE

The residential burglary was committed by offender(s) entering by breaking a kitchen window in the back of the home. Check your walls, gates and fences to make sure they are doing what they are intended to do — keep people out!

I can come to your home and provide a checklist of security/crime prevention suggestions tailored to your home.

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