Foothills Talk – An Interactive Discussion About Your Neighborhood


  • foothillsareacommand

    More information coming soon!

    • Bryan Lopez

      I can’t wait to see what is coming! This is a great resource!!

      • foothillsareacommand


  • C Garcia

    Coffee with a Cop sounds like a wonderful idea – any chance we could have one near the Foothills instead of going to the westside?

  • Janet Butts

    GREAT info on how to keep vehicle proof of insurance and vehicle registration with you at all times and not leaving it in your vehicle, Jill! I appreciate all your hints, advice, guidance! I share it with my neighbors.

    • Geneva Craven Schult

      what WAS the info? i’m interested. I was thinking maybe of storing said papers in my spare tire tool cubby in the back of my minivan, in a plastic bag. Accessible but hidden. What were you told? I change purses alot so putting in my wallet wouldn’t work.

      • Great chat going on today — thanks for contributing. Remember, crime prevention is like a bag of tools — just pick up the ones that work for you and your situation. Key words are to: delay – deter – delay the criminal. Make it too hard or too risky for a criminal to make you a victim! Parking in spots with clear sight lines to lots of people who would call police and serve as witnesses makes criminals uncomfortable.
        Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS – APD Foothills

  • Janet Butts

    I have received suggestions from various APD sources, so I cannot remember who told me what; however, I keep my original copies of insurance proof and car registration with me in my purse. That being said, I realize that in my purse is not safe if purse is stolen. APD has said to keep it with me when I am in the car, but bring it into the house with me and store it with my keys so I will have them whenever I use the car.
    Your idea sounds good to me. I think everyone has to decide what is best for him/her. The key concept is to NOT leave it in your vehicle, and DO come up with a system that works for you but does not provide an opportunity for criminals to get their hands on the ID papers.

    I just checked in my Foothills file and found Jill’s advice:

    You have to have your registration
    and proof of insurance when operating the vehicle, but they don’t need to sit
    inside the vehicle when it’s unattended. I keep mine in a plastic
    envelope/holder and carry it with me when I exit the vehicle. I bring
    that envelope inside the house with me and keep my car keys with it when I’m
    done driving that day/night. Keeping the keys and personal paperwork
    together keeps me from driving away forgetting this important paperwork in
    the house.

    • We need 100 more of you out there, Janet!

  • janet butts

    jill, as always I thank you for your specific details about crimes, especially burglaries of autos and homes. The crime trends and the specific advice and reminders about hardening the targets is much appreciated!

  • Good morning neighbors; I came across a great case for forming Neighborhood Watches while I was researching the last 24 hours of property crimes in the Foothills. A home in the Foothills was burglarized yesterday and the offender kicked in the back door to gain entry to the home. A neighbor saw the person lurking, but assumed the suspicious person had permission to be there, so the neighbor/witness never called police. This is a key point about Neighborhood Watches: you get to know your neighbors! If we all knew each other just a little bit more, had each other’s contact information, were trained by the local APD Crime Prevention Specialist on what to watch for and how to safely report incidents to APD we would be preventing crime a block at a time. Reach out to your neighbors, start to recognize them and the vehicles they drive and ask how to contact them if you were to see something suspicious at their home. Neighbors who care about each other really DO prevent crime. Call Steve Sink at 244-6644 to get a Neighborhood Watch Starter Kit. These groups are a tremendous help to APD, an asset to your own community and are easy to form. Make it your mission to pitch in and do what you can to make your community safer. “Be a neighbor to a human being and not to a fence” — Kenyan Proverb.
    Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS – APD, Foothills Area Command

  • janet butts

    I have a strong suspicion that the gathering of neighbors and police had MUCH to do with the zero residential burglaries in Foothills Tuesday’s Neighborhood Night Out!

  • Macky

    I just want to say thank you to APD for the response our neighborhood experienced over the weekend. There was a young man in his mid twenties walking our streets, opening unlocked cars and taking items inside. HE WAS APPREHENDED AND PROPERTY WAS RECOVERED!!! After searching his criminal background online, our family will be contacting the DA as well as ATF to have him prosecuted to the fullest extent. He was carrying a stolen fire arm when apprehended….these are the types of career criminals that our prisons were designed for. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!!!

    • Thank you Macky, I am sure the officers here appreciate your comments. One thing for everyone to note: lock up vehicles, check to make sure your windows are rolled up and remove all items of value (including papers with your personal information) from the vehicle when you park. A garage is always better, but if you must park outside overnight, please properly secure property to deter – delay – deny that burglar entry!
      Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command